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A new report published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has made a number of recommendations to improve the safety of those working in the waste and recycling industry in the UK.

The organisation noted that this sector has a higher rate of worker fatalities than other industries, and as such has been exploring the reasons behind these figures. In this report, the HSE makes a number of recommendations for companies of all sizes working in this industry.

Equipment design, use and maintenance, as well as safety management systems (SMS) were identified as two of the most important areas for waste management firms to focus on.

According to the HSE, some companies have inadequate SMS, and this is a contributing factor to accidents within the industry.

Failing to keep people and potentially hazardous machinery separated onsite is another issue that has resulted in a number of fatalities, and something that should be addressed, along with the safe and correct use of all equipment.

More comprehensive training on the use of equipment, as well as training in risk awareness are among the steps recommended by the HSE.

The Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) has supported the HSE’s report and revealed that it will be using the findings within its own campaign to improve health and safety in the sector.

Dr Colin Church, CIWM chief executive, commented: “Health and safety is an ongoing priority for our sector and this welcome report will help focus our attention on the areas where improvement is needed.”

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