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After a long, hard winter, the first glimpse of the summer sun will have been a welcome relief to all of us here in the UK – but it’s important that you know how best to look after yourself and others at this time of year so we can all enjoy the sun safely.

Firstly, know the symptoms of heat exhaustion. This can happen to anyone at any time, occurring when you lose too much fluid and salt from sweating when it’s hot outside. Feeling dizzy or confused and complaining of a headache can be symptomatic, as can sweating, pale or cool skin, and feeling nauseous.

If you think someone is suffering in this way, find them somewhere cool to sit and rest, and give them lots to drink. Water is a good choice, as are sports drinks because they can help replace lost salts.

Heatstroke is something else people are likely to suffer from at this time of year. Being out in the sun too much can result in the body overheating, with heatstroke happening when someone gets so hot that their body is unable to regulate its own temperature. It can be very serious so it’s important that the person in question is helped immediately.

Look out for hot, flushed or dry skin, dizziness and confusion, restlessness and headaches. If you do think someone is suffering from heatstroke, call 999 immediately and move them to a cool place, removing any outer layers of clothing. If possible, wrap them in a cold, wet sheet and pour water over them continuously. Keep cooling them down until help arrives.

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